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Welcome to Koi Gallery. Koi Gallery is another effort by Koi TV®. We as a family, enjoy Koi Hobby, through this hobby we have met new friends from East to West and North to South.We have been working really hard to bring the best in the Koi world to our viewers. Koi TV has been travelling along and have collected some pictures from previous years of Koi Shows, Seminars, Ikeage, Pond Tours and etc.

Our dream is to bring all koi related photos to one place. Koi Gallery is the first to do so. We are happy and proud to achieve this goal that will make a difference in this koi world.

Some of the old photos were taken in point and shoot cameras and from video cameras. Sumi gave a camera as my birthday gift. So now I have a Nikon D7000. This gives me an opportunity to take quality koi photos. I am still a learner. But, I am happy to share my learning experiecne with our viewers. Stay tuned to Koi TV®, Koi Gallery and Koi Calendar for Koi related videos, photos and events. Your support is greatly appreciated by all of us.

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Koi.com Live Koi Auction at Kenmore, WA
June 11, 2011
2011 PNKCA Convention held at Portland, Oregon
June 04, 2011


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